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Company Profile

Company name:Sakurastar Travel
President and CEO:Jun Sakurai
Head office:Pressance Tower 2-3-30-810 Sakuragawa-Naniwa-ku Osaka-city OSAKA 556-0022
Tel:090-8572-9032(main) +81-90-8572-9032
Fax:06-7635-5186                   +81-6-7635-5186
Established in:November 29, 2016
Registration:No3-2857 by Commissioner of Osaka governor registration travel business
Business purposes :Travel industry based on the travel law(Domestic and overseas)
    :People with disabilities travel support and advice
    :Lecture on disability(disease)  and travel guide and communicate support
    :Universal Design Survey and facility supervision
    :Travel equipment rental (Mobile Wi-Fi・Wheelchair)
Major Banks:Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
:Resona Bank
Memberships:All Nippon Travel Agents Association(ANTA)
Osaka Association of Travel Agency(OATA)
Major Trading Partner:All Nippon Travel Agents Association(ANTA)
      :Osaka Association of Travel Agency(OATA)
      :Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd.
      :KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.
      :BEX Travel Asia Pte Ltd
Company history:
2016  November, Estabilished a Sakurastar-travel
           December Travel business registration(No3-2857)
 2017   January   Accede to All Nippon Travel Agents Association(ANTA)
     February    Join coupon conference(ANTA)
March        Make a distributor agreement Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd.
Aprill          Disabled Exhibition「Barrier-free2017」cooperation participation
 2018   February   Accede to Osaka Association of Travel Agency(OATA) 
2019   January,     Make a distributor agreement KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd.
October     Attending tourism exhibition「Tourism EXPO Japan 2019」
                         15,June,2018  Japanese Federation of the Deaf「quarterly journal MiMi June issue」
                              『Wherever you like,go where you like』
        3,February 2019 「Asahi Shimbun Osaka edition」Feature of people active inOsaka
Access: 3 minutes walk from Sakuragawa Subway Station(Osaka metro)
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