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「Intractable disease disabled peoplee
    also  participate in sustainable society

By traveling、touching the kindness of people who meet for the first time unexpectedly,you can make a lot of nice memories.The experience of the time may be confidence in healing the mind of the person who traveled,and may become the vitality for tomorrow.「I want to share the kindness and the scenery where the mind is healed with irreplaceable person」.This thought is why we started a travel company for intractable patients whose general employment is difficult due to fighting disease.

From now on barrier-free, which has been captured from the perspective of welfare,is expected to become commonplace.With regard to the travel industry we are working on,there is a strong demand for promoting barrier-free society as a whole when the Tokyo2020 Olympics and Paralympics  are held. Sakurastar Travel activity is,as  patient with intractable disease,as a company engaged in the travel business,contributing to the realization of social inclusion as a bridge between mutual understanding of diverse people such as old age and disability.We will create the opportunity through a journey so that everyone can have a good time in society.


Representative of Sakurastar Travel
 Jun Sakurai
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